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John Owen-Two Short Catechisms-

John Owen-Two Short Catechisms-
Author: John Owen
Title: Two Short Catechisms
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 944 KB
Pages: 52.


These two catechisms function as two levels of explanation of the theology John Owen taught to his church. The lesser catechism is intended for the children of his congregation. It is in a question and answer format, with questions ranging from "Is there but one God?" to "What is the Lord's Supper?" The greater catechism is also in Q and A form, but goes into much more depth on a larger range of topics. Owen discusses the Trinity, incarnation of Christ, justification, vocation, the sacraments, and many other doctrines, all with extensive Scripture references. Owen, a product of the nonconformist, Congregationalist movement of England, was a staunch professor of faith and a proponent of tolerance and sincerity. These catechisms are the foundation of his theology and are a wonderful source for study.

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