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Ernest C. Reisinger-God's Will,Man's Will,Free Will-

Ernest C. Reisinger-God's Will,Man's Will,Free Will-
Author: Ernest C. Reisinger
Title: God's Will,Man's Will,Free Will
Publisher / Editor: Ernest C. Reisinger
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 288 KB
Pages: 24.


This book contains a brief study on a very important but neglected subject, that is, the subject of free will. We will be considering in what sense the will is free and how important this subject is to the Christian faith. Does salvation depend upon man’s willingness to be saved apart from a prior work of the Holy Spirit? We will see that no one is saved against his will; however, God changes the “willer” so as to make the sinner willing. We will see that the subject of free will is at the very heart of Christianity and has a profound effect on our message and method of evangelism. We will see that “whosoever will may come.” We will see that the Bible teaches that salvation depends not on man’s willingness but on God’s willingness, God’s grace, and God’s power—and if God did not have power over man’s will the whole world would go to hell. We will see that God does not exclude anyone in His invitations; however, sinners do exclude themselves.

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