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Gary J. Harloff-Against Dispensationalism-

Gary J. Harloff-Against Dispensationalism-
Author: Gary J. Harloff
Title: Against Dispensationalism: A Response To John MacArthur
Publisher / Editor: Nicene Council
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 319 KB
Pages: 15.


This booklet examines the veracity of Bible teaching based on literal interpretation and spoof-texting.

Spoof-texting is a teaching method that employs a word-search-approach to present lots of scriptures without time for thought. It is concluded that man-centric literal interpretation, including spoof-texting, leads directly to the different literal system discussed herein.

This literal system is dispensationalism and is in wide spread use today.

MacArthur asks for Biblical proof that the Old Testament Israel is the church and Dr. Gary Harloff respectfully responds with ample Scriptural evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israel is the Church and the Church is Israel. Dr. Harloff also provides a chart a the end comparing dispensationalism to covenant theology.

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