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George E. Ladd-Jesus Christ & History-

George E. Ladd-Jesus Christ & History-
Author: George E. Ladd
Title: Jesus Christ & History
Publisher / Editor: Inter-Varsity Press
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 3.49 MB
Pages: 62.


Does history mean anything? Are plan and purpose discernible in its ongoing course? Or does Albert Camus refer aptly to "the savage, formless movement of history"?

What is God's relation to history? Does the Eternal invade the temporal? Can the Absolute be known in historical relativities? Must God break into history?

According to the author, "The purpose of this little book is to set forth the biblical view of God and history and to expound the role of the second coming of Christ in this biblical perspective."

In thus relating history and eschatology, Dr. Ladd deals with a problem that is crucial for the Christian and the world. As Dr. Bromiley writes in the preface to this little book : "It is indeed a tract for the times, concentrating the fruits of biblic2220al and theological study and applying them to the needs of the hour, which are basically the needs of every human hour."


I. The Philosophy Of History
II. The Second Coming Of Christ In Debate
III. The Biblical Presuppositions
IV. The Unfolding Biblical Perspective
V. The Second Coming And The Present Lordship Of Christ
VI. The Second Coming And History

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