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Graham Kendrick-Triumph In The Air-1979-

Graham Kendrick-Triumph In The Air-
Interpreter: Graham Kendrick
Disc: Triumph In The Air
Year: 1979
File Size: 49 MB

Track List:

01 Countdown (Now And Then You May Discover)
02 Secret Saviour
03 Nicodemus (As The Watchman’s Fires Burn Low)
04 Is There Life On Earth (He Walks Out On Another Morning)
05 Living On A Landslide (I Wish You Knew Who I Know)
06 Triumph In The Air (Shame! Let Us Hang Down Our Heads)
07 With Your Love
08 Strong In Me (There’s a Lesson I’ve Been Learning)
09 We Have Seen Him (Blackest Day, Sleepless Night)
10 Ascension Song (Where Are You Going?)

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