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John Piper-Sanctification In The Everyday-

John Piper-Sanctification In The Everyday-
Author: John Piper
Title: Sanctification In The Everyday
Publisher / Editor: Desiring God
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 522 KB
Pages: 46.


How does the cross and victory of Jesus affect your everyday sanctification?

Over the past 30 years John Piper has preached several messages that equip listeners to apply the Bible in their daily lives. Stretching three decades, this e-book includes three of those sermons that intend to mobilize the church in the fight against sin and the walk of faith. In addition to these sermons, there is a practical appendix of acronyms Pastor John uses in his own life and commends to others.

Whether fighting a specific sin or walking by faith amid stressful circumstances, the aim of this e-book is to add to your arsenal for the everyday work of sanctification, for the glory of God.

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