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John Stott-For The Lord We Love-Study Guide-

John Stott-For The Lord We Love-Study Guide-
Author: John Stott
Title: For The Lord We Love - (Study Guide)
Publisher / Editor: The Lausanne Movement
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 177 KB
Pages: 62.


The Lausanne Covenant is widely regarded as one of the most significant documents in modern church history. John Stott's study guide can be used personally or in groups. Each section is followed by stimulating and searching questions.

The Didasko Files
Resources From The Lausanne Movement
The Lausanne Movement is a confessional movement that seeks to articulate the role of today's Church. It links together evangelical movements around the world, and is the largest representative gathering of the Church. The Didasko Files is a growing series--that takes its name from the New Testament Greek verb didasko, meaning "I teach"--used by those involved with the Lausanne Movement. These books are meant to serve the world's Church by helping Christians to grow in their faith.

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