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William B. Hallman-The Completeness Of The Mystery-

William B. Hallman-The Completeness Of The Mystery-

Author: William B. Hallman
Title: The Completeness Of The Mystery
Publisher / Editor: William B. Hallman
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 10.2 MB
Pages: 1493.


The following notes were first compiled while I was pastor of the First Evangelical Free
Church at Minneapolis, Minn.
I was invited by Dr. Robert L. Moyer, then Dean of Northwestern Bible School, to teach
Biblical Hermeneutics at their evening school. At first, I hesitated because I had not had any full
course on the subject. But Dr. Moyer insisted that I should come. He said that he would have his
secretary come to his class, take down his complete lecture, and have it typed for me. I could
then use them as a basis for my notes and teaching. With this kind offer, I could not very well
refuse. So during the years 1932-33, I taught Biblical Hermeneutics at the school founded by Dr.
Wm. B. Riley.
I have always counted it as one of the greatest blessings in my early ministerial years, to
have known and worked with this excellent Bible student, expositor, and kind friend.
During the years my original notes have been revised and enlarged to their present form.
Besides Northwestern Bible School, I have also taught this subject at The Evangelical Free
Church Bible Institute at Chicago, Illinois; Milwaukee Bible Institute at Milwaukee, Wisconsin;
and now most recently to my Thursday night Bible Class held at The Southwest YWCA at Hales
Corners, Wisconsin.
Besides Dr. Moyer, I am also indebted to such Bible scholars as Dr. Arthur T. Pierson,
Dr. Ethelbert W. Bullinger, and Dr. W. Graham Scroggie for helpful hints on this important
If you receive the same help in understanding the Sacred Scriptures from these notes as I
have, all the time and effort put forth in compiling them will have been well repaid.

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