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The Kingsmen Quartet-Standards And Classics-Vol 2-

The Kingsmen Quartet-Kingsmen Standards-Vol 2-

Interpreters: The Kingsmen Quartet
Disc: Standards And Classics - (Vol 2)
Year: 1998
File Size: 61.5 MB

Track List:

01 Traveling Home
02 Just A Little Closer Home
03 An Old Campmeeting With The Devil
04 Land Called Heaven
05 In The Name Of Jesus
06 Wait Till You See My Brand New Home
07 The Old Ship Of Zion
08 Ready To Leave
09 Upper Window
10 Wonderful Time Up There
11 Roll Out The Red Carpet
12 I Am The Man
13 Build My Mansion
14 Sho Do Need Him Now
15 Oh What A Savior
16 I'll See You In The Rapture
17 Do Right And Come Smiling Through
18 Jesus Pilots My Ship
19 Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere
20 I'd Still Want To Go
21 Over There
22 Cowboy Medley

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