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The Kingsmen Quartet-Fan Favorites-

The Kingsmen Quartet-Fan Favorites-

Interpreters: The Kingsmen Quartet
Disc: Fan Favorites
Year: 2005
File Size: 53.3 MB

Track List:

01 You're Not Alone
02 Even John Couldn't Tell It
03 In The Garden
04 Behold The Master Cometh
05 I Will Rise Up From My Grave
06 I'm Ready To Go
07 Healing Stream
08 The Cross Has Won Again
09 A New Life
10 I'm Safe Now
11 Joy's Gonna Come
12 Hand Me The Book
13 I'll Live Again
14 What I Found At The Altar
15 I've Got a Reservation
16 Gone
17 It Made News In Heaven
18 The Next Cloud

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