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Various Interpreters-Jubilee 3-

Various Interpreters-Jubilee 3-

Interpreters: Booth Brothers,Greater Vision & Legacy Five
Disc: Jubilee 3
Year: 2012
File Size: 42 MB

Track List:

01 I Just Feel Like Something Good Is About To Happen (Bill Gaither) (Feat. Jubilee Gang)
02 Still Trusting In The Blood (Rodney Griffin) (Feat. Jubilee Gang)
03 Had It Not Been (Rusty Goodman) (Feat. Scott Howard, Brady, Griffin)
04 There’s a Better Day (Chris Allman) (Feat. Jubilee Gang)
05 Leave Your Sorrows And Come Along (O.A. Parris, Eugene Wright) (Feat. Jubilee Gang)
06 Wedding Music (Kirk Talley/Phil Cross) (Feat. Allman, Scott Fowler, Brady, Dustin)
07 Treasures In Heaven (Rebecca Peck) (Feat. Allman, Gaches, Michael Booth)
08 How Much More (Goodman) (Feat. Dustin, With M. Booth And Griffin)
09 Gettin’ Ready Today (Joe Hatfield) (Feat. Wolfe, Fowler, M. Booth, Ivey)
10 Every Cry Is Heard (Jim Brady) (Feat. Brady, Wolfe, Gaches)
11 The Galilean (Stephen Robert Adams) (Feat. Gaches, Wolfe, R. Booth, Dustin)
12 Beautiful Home (Morris Stancil) (Feat. Jubilee Gang)

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