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Vineyard Music-Shout To The Earth-

Vineyard Music-Shout To The Earth-

Interpreters: Vineyard Music
Disc: Shout To The Earth
Year: 2004
File Size: 62 MB

Track List:

01 To a Thousand Generations (Billy Somerrville)
02 Hallelujah (Shout To The Earth) (Martin Reardon)
03 Dwell (Casey Corum)
04 Isn't This The Way (Billy Somerville)
05 More Than a Friend (Jeremy Riddle)
06 I Love Your Presence (Scott Underwood)
07 Your Blood Says Everything (Bill Somerville)
08 Invitacion Fountain (Greg Huelle / Lisa Kieffer)
09 If You Say Go (Rachel Milstead)
10 More Than Anything - Larry Hampton)
11 Sufficient For Me (Sheri Keller)
12 Father Of Lights (Greg Huelle)

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