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Integrity Music-Living Waters-Sanctuary-

Integrity Music-Living Waters-Sanctuary-

Interpreters: Integrity Music
Disc: Living Waters - Sanctuary
Year: 2002
File Size: 117.5 MB

Track List:

01 You Are Beautiful (Slater Armstrong)
02 Much (Ten Shekel Shirt)
03 I Worship You (Paul Baloche)
04 Lord You Have My Heart (Lenny LeBlanc)
05 Lead Me (Paul Baloche)
06 Instruments Of Your Peace (David Kauffman)
07 You Are My King (Ross Parsley)
08 Flow Like A River  (David Kauffman)
09 I Hide Myself In Thee (Tommy Walker)
10 I Can Do All Things (Paul Smith)
11 I Will Sing (Don Moen)
12 All Creation Worships You (Renewal Music)
13 When It's All Been Said And Done (Slater Armstrong)

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