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Vineyard Music-Breathe-

Vineyard Music-Breathe-

Interpreters: Vineyard Music
Disc: Breathe
Year: 2001
File Size: 75.6 MB

Track List:

01 All Who Are Thirsty (Brenton Brown)
02 Who Is This (Brenton Brown)
03 Your Name Is Holy (Brian Doerksen)
04 He Is Yahweh (Dean Salyn)
05 Change Me On The Inside (Brian Doerksen)
06 Set Me On Fire (Ryan Delmore)
07 My King And My God (Dave Absalom)
08 Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) (Brenton Brown)
09 Unspoken Truth (Jan L'Ecuyer)
10 Your Love Reaches Me (Psalm 36) (Darren Clarke)
11 I Believe In Jesus (Ryan Delmore)
12 Child Of God (Jessica Ketola)
13 Draw Me Close (Andy Park)
14 I Love Your Presence (Brenton Brown)
15 Breathe (Kathryn Scott)

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