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John Owen-The Sermons Of John Owen-

John Owen-The Sermons Of John Owen-
Author: John Owen
Title: The Sermons Of John Owen
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 10 MB
Pages: 1182.


As a preacher, the value of John Owen--the renowned Puritan theologian--has not been appreciated to a sufficient degree. Well respected in his day for his preaching, Owen's renown has dwindled since then. (Perhaps the importance of his other impressive works has diverted attention away from his Sermons.) Nevertheless, this is a shame since Owen's Sermons are wonderfully crafted and quite powerful. Further, the style of his sermons provides a nice complement to his many theological treatises. They clearly display the ability Owen had to capture the attention of an audience in order to teach them the great truths of the gospel. This particular volume brings together not only sermons Owen delivered during his life, but a series of posthumously published sermons as well. John Owen's Sermons should reestablish Owen as an impressive preacher; they will not disappoint!

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