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John Owen-The Glory Of Christ-

John Owen-The Glory Of Christ-
Author: John Owen
Title: The Works Of John Owen - Vol 1 - The Glory Of Christ
Publisher / Editor: T&T Clark International
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 40.1 MB
Pages: 620.


In volume 1 of this reprint of John Owen's works, edited by W. H. Goold, Andrew Thomson's excellent biography sympathetically traces his life and experience from his birth at Stadhampton, though his pastoral ministries in Fordham and Coggeshall, his years of public service as chaplain at Cromwell and vice-chancellor of Oxford University, until his last days as a preacher and pastor in London. Also included in this volume are some of his early works, including two pieces that show his intense pastoral concern. They, like the other sections of this fine volume, more than repay careful study.

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