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John Owen-A Treatise Of The Dominion Of Sin And Grace-

John Owen-A Treatise Of The Dominion Of Sin And Grace-
Author: John Owen
Title: A Treatise Of The Dominion Of Sin And Grace
Publisher / Editor: Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 847 KB
Pages: 64.


This treatise by John Owen is founded on Romans 6:14. Owen, an English Congregationalist, assumes three facts are true before the writing of his piece. First, that sin dwells in believers; second, that it seeks to renew its dominion over them; and third, that it endeavors to accomplish its goal by deceit and force. He then explores the nature of sin's power over humanity, explains how to tell when sin is in one's life, and then assures believers that sin does not have the ultimate power in their lives. Owen's work is a perfect blend of recognition of sin and the influence it has on all humans, and comforting assurance that it does not have the last word. It reiterates the basic knowledge Christians find in the Bible about sin, but Owen's sharp mind is able to glean implied meanings and give more body to the information found in Scripture. Readers who want an honest yet hopeful account of sin need look no further than Owen's Treatise.

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