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James Stalker-The Four Men And Other Chapters-

James Stalker-The Four Men And Other Chapters-
Author: James Stalker
Title: The Four Men And Other Chapters
Publisher / Editor: Hodder & Stoughton
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 5.16 MB
Pages: 192.


When I was in America last year, delivering the Yale Lectures on Preaching, I preached "The Four Men" on Sunday morning, April 12th. in the chapel of Yale University. Mr. D. L. Moody, the evangelist, who chanced to be present, insisted on its being printed, and he sent copies, I believe, to all the students of the University. In the same irresistible way, he got me to publish "Temptation" and "Conscience," which were given as talks to the students in his own institutions at Northfield.

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