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James Stalker-The Life Of St. Paul-

James Stalker-The Life Of St. Paul-
Author: James Stalker
Title: The Life Of St. Paul
Publisher / Editor: Scribner & Welford
Format: PDF
Size Of File: 7.32 MB
Pages: 149.


This volume is fittingly a part of James Stalker's trilogy The Life of Jesus Christ, The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ, and The life of St. Paul, for the apostle Paul is the interpreter of the entire purpose of Christ's coming. This book has been recognized by many as the leading popular biography of the greatest preacher of the Christian church. It is informative and heartwarming in its treatment of the life and ministry of Paul. Chapter titles include the following: - His Place in History - His Unconscious Preparation for His Work - His Conversion - His Gospel - The Work Awaiting the Worker - His Missionary Travels - Picture of a Pauline Church - His Great Controversy -- Hints for Teachers and Questions of Pupils conclude this work.

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